Focus Point Series 6

Welcome to our new Focus Point Series featuring articles written by industry-leading-experts on the current digital challenges facing the NHS and other healthcare organisations.


Health Systems Training Strategy:
5 reasons why it is important to
do this early

By James Quirke, EPR Training Manager

Published 11 February 2021

Training is a critical success factor in the implementation of any complex digital system such as an EPR.  The early development of the training strategy is essential for the successful outcome of any health systems training programme.  Here are 5 reasons why:


End of Life Care:
Dignity through Digital Health

By Tara Athanasiou, Business Change Consultant

Published 8 December 2020

At its heart, end-of-life care is about understanding and how to enact the wishes and preferences of individual patients at the most difficult point in their lives. The challenge is enabling different care providers to share information about an individual patient’s care and end-of-life preferences in a safe, dignified, up-to-date and patient-focused way.

Digital Healthcare Strategy –
6 reasons why now is the time
to refresh your strategy

By Kate Mansfield, Digital Healthcare Consultant

Published 15 October 2020

Technology has been fundamental to the way healthcare organisations have responded to the Covid-19 crisis.  Many organisations are recognising the need to build on this momentum and ‘lock-in’ the changes. However, there are many facets to the impact of Covid-19, which will require us to take a fresh view of our digital priorities…

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