West Suffolk Hospital – A&E

West Suffolk Hospital – A&E Optimisation

Customer Objective:

To attain insight into the change and engagement practices needed to optimise the system across the Trust. To identify the future direction of system use and identify clear actions in relation to process and system changes.

Ideal Approach:

Ideal approached this using our trusted optimisation methodology. Our review team spent four weeks in the department, observing teams, timing patient and system journeys, interviewing staff and reviewing system use audits. These actions gave an insight into how the department runs, how the system was used in parallel to the patient pathway and the areas of the system that were consistently and in consistently used.

Ideal have worked on deploying Cerner systems numerous times giving us a unique insight into how Cerner can be used and should be used and how others are using it. It was also important to ensure that the system was not driving processes and that these were still led by patient and clinical need.

Final Outcomes:

The final report gave the Trust a tangible, first -hand, impartial insight into the department and system use. It helped the Trust to understand and provide evidence for the changes needed to optimise the new system. The report’s recommendations ranged from small system fixes to strategic direction for future successful optimisation.

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