COVID-19 Resilience Support to the NHS

Covid-19 Resilience
Support Services

The COVID-19 virus is creating unique, never seen before challenges for care providers, particularly the NHS.

This unprecedented pressure on supporting care will undoubtedly mean that organisations will struggle as staff become unavailable and new or reassigned staff struggle to learn and use digital systems and unfamiliar technology.

To help with the resilience of providing care, Ideal has already been engaged with NHS organisations identifying how we can support them and ensure they have the right types of IT and Digital support to deliver and maintain care provision during this very challenging time.

Fundamentally, we are here to help. Some of our services to support healthcare organisations during this time include:

Resilience Support to the NHS

  • Helpdesk & Support Services for Digital Systems and Technology
  • Training for new and reassigned staff during COVID-19
  • Patient Management Platforms
  • Remote Working
  • Data Quality and Reporting

Helpdesk & Support Services for Digital Systems and Technology

It is inevitable that support and helpdesk staff will be affected and be unavailable for work. We have facilities to provide both onsite and remote helpdesk services for a very wide range of systems in all care settings. This might be particularly important in services such as A&E, Pathology, Radiology and Pharmacy who will be under significant pressure.

Training for new and reassigned staff during COVID-19

New and reassigned staff, both clinical and otherwise, will be unfamiliar with the digital systems used in those services. How can they get up to speed quickly and ensure that incorrect use of those systems doesn’t put patients at risk? We can provide at elbow training and support onsite with experienced (and in some cases clinically qualified) support teams. Additionally, Ideal have an established learning management system that can have content uploaded so it is available for those staff who need it, where and when they need it. We can also arrange urgent remote or onsite training where necessary as well, as a combination is likely to be needed.

Patient Management Platforms

The ability to support vulnerable patient groups with existing conditions through the use of self-management and remote monitoring/clinical support platforms is critical at this time. We have partnerships with a number of solution providers who can support patients in particular with respiratory (COPD and Asthma), cardiac and diabetes related conditions, as well as platforms to enable clinicians remotely to provide care plans and health guidance for patients with any condition. Ideal provide support to all Trusts and Primary Care providers to roll out these solutions and ensure proliferation and uptake by clinical teams and their patients.

Remote Working

Many Trusts are planning for some elements of remote working for at least some staff. This is still not the norm for many staff and they will need assistance in learning to effectively use Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Office 365 and remote working technology. Being specialists in digital health, we have been using these systems in exactly this way for some time and can share our experience and support staff as they learn to use these systems.

Data Quality and Reporting

Being able to maintain a clear picture of capacity, scheduling and following up on care, data quality and reporting should not be overlooked. We must not forget that problems with patient data will, quite quickly, cause issues for the organisation and patients which could add to the pressures that services will already encounter. Again, with staff being reassigned and being absent through illness, we can provide a variety of onsite and remote services to maintain data quality and reporting.


If you would like to find out more about how we can help your organisation in this challenging period, then please get in contact:

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