Elective Care Assurance

The Challenges

As the pressures on acute care start to decrease from the impact of Covid-19, Trusts are refocusing attention back onto the provision of elective care. This switch back to elective care isn’t something that can happen overnight and there will be continued pressure on resources for some time to support the return to business as usual capacity.

Given the that Trusts were required to enact large volumes of cancellations in elective care or move services to new locations, many standard operating procedures may not have been followed or had even been suspended.

This may have resulted in an increase in data quality issues, with an impact on finances, additional delays to patient waiting times affecting Referral to Treatment (RTT) performance, and ultimately increasing the clinical risk to patients.

It is already well evidenced that the quality of data has a direct impact on timely and effective patient care and will therefore become even more important as part of re-establishing effective elective care.

Addressing these issues

Addressing these issues in an NHS still dealing with the ensuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic creates some additional challenges with new models of working taking into account social distancing rules, adoption of flexible shift patterns for members of staff and remote working.

Recognising these issues and that Trusts will have different priorities and available resources, having flexible and scalable solutions, assurance and support will be an imperative to addressing data quality and managing waiting lists in order to returning to required levels of elective care provision.

What is Elective Care Assurance?

Using experience gained through over 15 years of successfully managing and solving data quality challenges with NHS Trusts, Ideal Health has developed a portfolio of solutions that help assure efficient and effective elective care delivery. This combination of solutions delivers what we describe as Elective Care Assurance.

There are three main components to Elective Care Assurance:

  1. Flexible RTT & PTL Validation Services
  2. Targeted User Training
  3. RTT eLearning

These provide a comprehensive method to mitigate, solve and prevent data quality issues and its impact on elective care. These solutions can be used to target specific data quality issues through discrete projects or in a more holistic approach as part of a comprehensive Trust-wide transformation programme. Overall, this latter approach delivers the most benefits and provides a platform long term, data quality sustainability and stability.

Elective Care Assurance
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