The Challenges

ePMA projects vary in their scale and have an impact on clinical and operational processes similar to that of implementing an EPR.

The scope can include the introduction of ePMA systems that embody the whole medicines use process, on the scale of a whole hospital, through to support a specific clinical speciality, or systems that are just focused on one part of the medicines use process such as prescribing, administration or discharge.

Realising the many benefits of ePMA is not guaranteed. With our experience in working with Trusts, Ideal Health, can assist with realising these benefits and mitigating against new risks and issues that can be introduced with ePMA, such a sub-optimal implementations, risks from part electronic-part paper prescribing, extended workflows and usability issues.

The benefits of ePMA

The benefits of ePMA alongside the positive impact on overall digital maturity and include:

  • Fewer prescribing errors leading to improved patient safety
  • Improved operational effectiveness across the entire Trust, especially workflow.
  • Improved formulary compliance
  • Improved discharge process with better patient experiences
  • Enhancing clinical decision support

How Ideal helps to realise ePMA benefits

We work with you to define your ePMA requirements and goals, mitigate risks, to select the right ePMA solution, mobilise and deliver an optimal implementation including training and go-live.

Our implementation, training and go live approach also includes options for remote, onsite and blended forms of delivering services to support social distancing and other Covid-19 related guidelines.

We can, either as part of the implementation or post go-live, help optimise and improve ePMA to deliver closed loop medications management, stock control, clinical decision support and integration with primary, community and mental health organisations.

These provide a comprehensive method to mitigate, solve and prevent data quality issues and its impact on elective care.

These solutions can be used to target specific data quality issues through discrete projects or in a more holistic approach as part of a comprehensive Trust-wide transformation programme.

Overall, this latter approach delivers the most benefits and provides a platform long term, data quality sustainability and stability.


Optimise ePMA Implementation

Ideal Health can support different approaches for implementing ePMA, each of which has its merits and limitations in terms of risk and potential benefits:

  1. “Big Bang” – A whole hospital approach encompassing all wards and services in a single implementation.
  2. Phased approach by location – Hospital wards and other locations implement ePMA on a prioritised basis over a longer period of time using an incremental approach .
  3. Phased approach by Service area or Specialty – For specific services, such as Chemotherapy or Critical Care, or distinguishing between Paediatric or Adult services.
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Additional insight & knowledge transfer

We go beyond the NHS EPMA Toolkit and give additional insight and provide a basis of knowledge transfer that can ensure EPMA is delivered in the right way for your Trust. This can include:

  • Understanding the pros and cons of interfaced versus integrated ePMA systems and their impact on benefits and project scope.
  • Defining project success factors for what is a significant change programme and developing a communications and training program to support it.
  • Developing the right project team with a multidisciplinary group with strong clinical involvement.
  • Creation of local implementation groups and in depth preparation and planning
  • Mapping clinical workflows associated with prescribing and Identify where current processes are broken and decide what to fix before implementation commences
  • Identifying technology and infrastructure weak points.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help your organisation in this challenging period, then please get in contact:

T: 01483 453508 or  E: info@idealts.co.uk

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