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The UK’s leading health systems training company

Ideal is recognised as the UK’s leading health systems training company, having delivered training for many of the UK’s major EPR implementations.

We understand the challenge of ensuring an appropriate and consistent level of knowledge among healthcare informatic professionals and the issues around delivering learning and development in the always-stretched environment of the NHS.

In order to support the professional development of informatics professionals Ideal has developed a number of BCS accredited courses which are CPD recognised.

Ideal’s range of Health Informatics training courses has been designed specifically to meet the needs of the healthcare sector, to provide many of the key skills required by healthcare staff to effectively implement, support, run and use health systems.

Our training is designed to build long term internal capability, whilst also supporting the immediate goals and targets of each organisation. We provide flexible, blended learning solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs, ensuring that the training is delivered in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

We concentrate on developing and enhancing the skills of delegates within areas such as; Informatics connectivity, digital imaging management, patient record management, document sharing, integrating the healthcare enterprise, network management education and through a range of Cyber security offerings. We are experienced in providing on-going training services into Trusts where staff can benefit from continuous personal development plans tailored to specific Trust requirements.

These specialities include disciplines such as data analytics, change management, network IT skills, project management and management of risk.

Our training delivery and development staff are experienced healthcare and IT professionals with proven expertise in their subject area. Having specific health care experience combined with commercial exposure enables them to bridge the gap between niche health care technical knowledge and state of the art learning and development methodologies and techniques.

All our informatics courses are designed specifically for the healthcare sector. Many of the individual elements of our training courses can be customised to suit either the requirements of a particular audience or to meet the specific skills gap at any phase of a project. Constantly being monitored for effectiveness and quality, Ideal Health Informatics Training is recognised as being the leading provider within the sector.

  • Training is delivered by expert trainers, who have many years hands-on experience of their subject area.
  • Ideal’s courses combine an effective blend of learning with real life examples of how to put new skills into practice.
  • Ideal’s trainers work exclusively within healthcare and relate their experiences to the subject matter. Our courses are available as in-house training courses and most can be customised to meet the needs of each organisation and audience.

With the recent introduction of the apprenticeship levy the Government has stated that it aims to have three million new apprentices by 2020. Employers have responded that they are planning to recruit more digital IT apprentices.

The new digital IT apprenticeships are based on the apprentice being able to sufficiently demonstrate a core set of technical competencies which are defined in each apprenticeship ‘standard’. To support this there is a specification for the technical knowledge and understanding that the apprentice must obtain during their apprenticeship, and a set of underpinning skills, attitudes and behaviours that must be developed. The knowledge and understanding is learned through a mix of at least one vendor or professional qualification, combined with Ofqual regulated knowledge modules.

Ideal has teamed up with the BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) and aligned apprentice support offerings with official BCS standards. Ideal Training Services’ experience in working specifically with NHS employers will enable us to create bespoke elements for NHS specific learning apprenticeship pathways. These pathways will remain aligned to the official standard and will have a significant healthcare bias effectively ‘customising’ the learning to a specific employer whilst achieving the apprenticeship qualification.

We are offering apprenticeship pathways including:-

  • Data Analyst
  • Infrastructure Technician
  • Network Engineer
  • Software Tester
  • Cyber Security Technologist
  • Business Analyst
  • Digital Business Administrator
  • IT Support
  • Project Manager
  • Service Specialist
  • Implementation Support Specialist

Ideal will work closely with the employer throughout the apprenticeship to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved. This is a true partnership where the needs of the employer to train health related staff is aligned with the skills of Ideal to ensure a successful conclusion to the apprenticeship.

In addition to the training courses, Ideal provides a range of training services to support Trusts with all training activities from initial training needs analysis through to post training evaluations.

We offer clients the flexibility to select specific aspects of our training services, or a complete managed training solution. Our managed training services include:

  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Training planning and project management
  • Training administration – booking and scheduling
  • Course localisation
  • Training Delivery
  • Post-training evaluation and management reporting

Our professional training project managers, trainers and support staff are aware of the key factors and resistors affecting the successful delivery of training programmes. Through our extensive experience of working with Trusts and health communities we can help your training programme run smoothly, effectively and on time by helping you avoid the pitfalls that can occur in large training projects. This valuable experience allows clients to gain the maximum benefit from the training and encourages staff to embrace new systems from a position of confidence in their new skills.

Ideal has partnered with many NHS Trusts and other healthcare providers to ensure the successful delivery of their training programmes. We establish collaborative partnerships with our clients, working with them to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions that protect their return on investment and ensure success.

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