RTT and Data Quality

Referral To Treatment and 18 Week Data Compliance

Ideal can help you manage your 18-week pathways and achieve RTT reporting compliance.

Current demands on the NHS are significantly affecting Trusts’ abilities to cope with RTT target compliance, and to manage associated pathways and waiting list data. This is compounded by the fact that many staff do not fully understand RTT pathways and appropriate codes which lead to:

  • Inaccurate and poor quality data
  • Reduced capacity through duplicate pathways and bookings
  • Missed or delayed appointments
  • Inappropriate prioritisation of patients

If you are currently experiencing any of these issues, Ideal Health Consultants has a range of RTT services that can support your Trust and get your reporting requirements back on track.

Unrivalled experience

Ideal has been at the forefront of supporting Trusts with Information Management for over a decade. Having worked with over 150 Trusts during that time we have developed an extensive knowledge of Patient Administration Systems, pathway processes and data requirements, enabling us to become the industry’s most experienced RTT solutions provider.

Working exclusively with the NHS, Ideal has developed and refined our service offerings to provide unrivalled support for the data and reporting needs of today’s NHS Trusts. Whether you require validation resources or are looking for a more sustainable solution, our services enable us to analyse and address the issues that may be affecting reporting performance and offer the most efficient and cost effective RTT solutions available.

RTT and data quality

Expert knowledge

Working with all the major vendors and EPR solution providers has enabled us to gain in-depth and system specific knowledge. We understand the issues that occur repeatedly in each system and have developed the best solutions to address recurring problems and root causes.

Integrated Team

Our multi-disciplinary team, established over the last 14 years, consists of over 300 health IT and clinical systems professionals. The expert knowledge of all our RTT specialists and the integrated way in which they operate across our RTT services is our team’s strength. Our teams liaise to ensure insight and trends discovered at the Validation stage will automatically be used to inform our team members running a Training stage. This information exchange allows us to create a more personalised and effective approach to resolving recurring RTT data errors and enables us to help Trusts develop or refine SOPs and processes that deliver.

Pathway Plus Solution

Ideal’s Pathway Plus is a server-based product which provides a secure, scalable and fully auditable source for all data validation required for 18 week RTT.

The predefined views within Pathway Plus allow multiple data validation clerks to concurrently work on a record set ensuring:

  • Clear allocation of work based on RTT code, speciality, date range or weeks waiting
  • Performance monitoring per validation clerk
  • No duplication of effort across the team
  • Record level auditing of all changes

An Ideal RTT Health Check is a mini-audit and is a cost-effective way to identify any issues affecting your data. The service can also be used to confirm that you are managing your data correctly and that your Patient Tracking List (PTL) accurately reflects your patients’ waiting times and Trust activity.

Our Root Cause Analysis service provides an in-depth audit that enables us to conduct analysis of each process area. We work closely with key members of your Trust to identify the root cause of your data issues, present our findings with associated recommendations and develop an action plan to provide effective solutions.

Ideal’s internal Validation team follow National Guidelines and Local Access Policy, adhering to a strict methodology they are able to correct pathway data at source. Our validation service can be supported by Pathway Plus, our proprietary RTT software, which extracts a Trust’s source data and presents it in a secure, scalable and fully auditable environment.

Ideal provides in-depth Training and e-learning programmes that are specific to the staff roles who need to record or access RTT data. We can help refine or develop SOPs to ensure all staff are familiar with RTT to prevent data problems from recurring. Ideal is also experienced at developing relevant outcome forms.

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