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EPR Go Live Support

Go Live challenges facing NHS organisations

During the implementation of new NHS health systems, Go Live is the critical point when systems are cutover from old to new and used operationally for the first time.

Staff need to use the system correctly and follow agreed procedures. Having worked with numerous NHS Trusts at Go Live, Ideal consultants are fully aware of the strain on technical and user capability and capacity at this time. It is therefore critical that there is sufficient support to give users the support they need to get up and running with the new systems while maintaining ‘business as usual’ patient care.

How Ideal can help

Ideal has the most extensive experience in the United Kingdom in providing managed floorwalking services to NHS Trusts during their Go Live of EPR Systems. We have an established methodology for scoping and resourcing Go Live support that enables us to tailor our service to match your needs.

Effective Go Live support requires detailed planning and preparation, to minimise risk, reduce costs and ensure effective stakeholder engagement. We provide guidance on all aspects of preparing for Go Live and delivering the support services needed for success.

Our approach covers all stages of the project:

  • Logistics
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Issue Management
  • Assignment Coordination
  • Single Point of Contact
  • Management Reporting
Training and Go Live

Ideal’s Go Live support project manager works closely with the Cutover Manager and Programme Team from the Trust to confirm (and reduce if possible) the requirement for floorwalkers based on;

  • Training Outcomes
  • Functionality
  • Physical locations
  • Accessibility
  • Strategic goals
  • Identifying cost cutting initiatives
  • Sign in and out processes and locations
  • Support documentation
  • Localisation training
  • Escalation processes
  • FAQ management

We use our scheduling tool to allocate support, based on training outcomes. Our system records the work schedule for each floorwalker and shows the location, time, reporting to and floorwalker support name.

Deploying and managing a large team of floorwalkers across numerous departments and multiple sites requires careful planning, co-ordination and management.

Handling the myriad of logistical details such as housing, transportation and assignment coordination is something that our resource-management service takes care of.

Our processes include;

  • Automated finger-tip recognition for signing in and out
  • Generation of daily timesheets on an hourly basis that show the exact location the floorwalker should be supporting
  • Instant text messaging service to provide updates to floorwalkers if required
  • Auditable reports for assurance
  • Recording of issue ‘types’ to enable appropriate focus of Project staff
  • Minimum Data Set collection and communication
  • Flexible resourcing model

The team

  • Are assessed on each deployment/ project by Ideal and the Trust
  • Know to explain only your processes and not ‘share’ experiences from other trusts
  • Are motivated to achieve excellent feedback
  • Have excellent Interpersonal Skills
  • Hold a DBS check that has been applied for by Ideal
  • Are assessed, referenced and localised to the trusts processes and use of the system.
  • Able to provide feedback and relevant information so that issues can be escalated appropriately.
  • Can receive texts and other updates as required by our central system
  • Have worked with Ideal on previous projects
  • Are registered on our finger-tip ‘check in’ system

By partnering with Ideal, you have a suitably motivated, qualified and vetted team, expertly managed. Not only will they have the systems and healthcare knowledge, but also the interpersonal skills to support your staff at this stressful time and help to ensure staff acceptance of the new systems.

Why Ideal

Our approach ensures that you can:

  • Reduce costs through more effective allocation of less floorwalkers
  • Reduce risks by ensuring that the right floor walkers with the right skills are in the right locations as and when required
  • Ensure that only floor walkers who are professionally vetted and fully skilled are utilised on the project
  • Alter supply rapidly to reflect changes in requirements

Ideal have supported Go Live projects on an extensive range of systems including:

  • Cerner
  • Lorenzo
  • Epic
  • MediTech
  • Medway
  • RiO
  • TPP IMS Maxims
  • Intersystems
  • Oasis

and many others.

You can be confident that all locations will have the appropriately trained support in the right place at the right time with the right message and will follow lines of communication and escalation as requested.

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